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An opportunity to introduce our services and earn a residual income.

This is an opportunity to introduce one or more of our products and services to both individuals and to organizations. These can be folks you may already know, to contacts you have in our target industries, or to others who do. We'll show you how easy and simple it is do that. As an affiliate you earn a fee based on the revenue generated when a sale is made. This can be a sale by an individual you introduced to your replicated version of this site, or through an organization that makes our solutions available to their own customer or employees, often by installing our technology on their website.

This is not typical sales in the respect that there is only a small cost to the organizations for most of our products, and we have experienced professionals that will close the deals for you. It's more akin to introducing a simple tool to help organizations raise revenue and grow customer loyalty. Your time commitment can be very small--a few weeks through any connections you have could be quite lucrative, or can be full time based on additional contacts you build going forward. It's all up to you.

We'll support you with regular morning conference calls, training videos, and local events throughout the country. We also offer cutting-edge marketing systems that make it easy for you to maximize the exposure by regular, exposure through social media.

We have some very large customers as early adapters that provide solid validation. This is a solid and new opportunity with a huge market with an exclusive (for now) game-changing product so we're all feeling some urgency to multiply our efforts.

In addition to introducing these products to people in organizations, you should also personally introduce them to individuals you already know, or to individuals through approved internet marketing and marketing programs we provide. Some of these individuals may also want to become affiliates as well. Though this is not required, you may find introducing the opportunity to others a great avenue for your success with eVantage.

It's difficult to explain the multiple factors of leverage that makes this such an incredible opportunity for income potential. There are no required cost for you to join us, though we may offer some optional tools and packages to help you take your marketing to the next level. So whether you just want to learn more or if you're ready to get started working with us, please Become an Affiliate right now. Once inside, you'll have your own replicated website like this one to share, and you'll get access to all of our marketing materials, marketing fees, promotions and back office documents

If you've got questions before you take the plunge, need some specific information, or want to be invited to a local presentation and training please click on Learn More