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    You'll also learn better strategies to achieve your financial and retirement DREAMS.

    Welcome to eVantage. Our mission is to help people and organizations save money, earn money and achieve their financial and retirement DREAMS. Your free membership includes several benefits beyond the individual products we offer. By becoming a member and using some of our products, such as Savings eVantage or eVantage LocalTHANKS you also have an opportunity to introduce these products and services to other individuals, small businesses, enterprise business, and to non-profits, their customers, employees and members.

    eVantage leverages the effectiveness of relationships, technology and digital marketing to create massive distribution for our members, customers and solutions. When you refer to others that use our products, you can earn substantial commissions or marketing fees based on the revenue generated when a sale is made by them, or from any of their referrals.

    For example, Savings eVantage shopping portal and the eVantage Prepaid Card offer a unique way to share and earn cash back not only on your own purchases, but on the purchases of those you refer, several layers deep. For any organizations that are referred, this can include their employees, customers or members of those organizations as well.

    Your time commitment can be very small--a few weeks through any connections you have, or can be full time based on additional contacts you build going forward. It's all up to you.

    To start, we recommend using and becoming a fan of the products. Then, start sharing one our products with the relationships you already have through calls, or perhaps referring people to video landing pages we offer. Then you can branch out to contacts and businesses in our target industries.

    We offer solutions that both individuals and businesses, and business owners need. These include savings for online shopping, growing new customers and customer loyalty, and financial products to help people optimally save for retirement.

    Though optional, greater commissions are available for those who wish to get a life insurance agent license for their state, as many of our products, such eVantage DREAMS score, can lead into financial and insurance products that can help people save and earn more for their retirement. These commission are available to you, when you get licensed, even though you may not have experience or be directly involved, as we have experienced professionals that handle these types of transactions. Through tracking means, you'll know when you're losing enough potential commission that it’s time to get your license.

    eVantage represents an incredible opportunity for income potential. There is no required cost for you to join us and start using our products, though we offer some optional tools and compensation packages to help you take your marketing and earnings to the next level. So please Become an Member right now!

    Once inside, you'll have “back office” access to our sites such as Savings eVantage and eVantage Financial, your own replicated website like this one to share, and access to our training, action plans, marketing materials, commission/marketing fees plans, bonus promotions and back office documents

    If you've got questions before you take the plunge, need some specific information, or want to be invited to a local presentation and training please click on Learn More. If you've got questions before you take the plunge, need some specific information, or want to be invited to a local presentation and training please click on Learn More